how to wire electric fan to thermostat


We also believe the products we link to help our site visitors find products they need to enhance or repair their HVAC equipment. Snap the thermostat to the mounting plate. However, there is an occasional oddball who knows better than everyone else. Pre-wired connector plugs into fan connector and the red wire is routed to the relay via an inline crimp connector. Yellow to the thermostat Y terminal. Basically the AUBE RC840T-240 controller is switching that wire circuit on and off. A large majority of homes today have an HVAC system containing a Furnace (Oil, Gas or Electric) and An A/C Unit. The problem may not be with the thermostat. For the Y, Y1, and Y2 wires, Y or Y1 will go to the Y terminal, and Y2 will go to the Y2 terminal. That way the house is at a comfortable temperature when you get out of bed. Hold it up to the wall in the position you want it. Any trash or dust will fall into the bag and not onto the floor. And the possibility exists that the thermostat will fall off the wall. Wyze Thermostat was made to control low voltage (24V) heating systems only. If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here, make sure you mark the wires with masking tape. The fan can run longer than when the thermostat ends a call for heat. So thanks. The thermostat will open or close (depending on the model) when a temperature is reached, allowing power to flow through the fan. The new thermostats require power. Some people like to loop the wire around the terminal screws. Gas Heating Troubleshooting and Repair Index, Questions You Need To Answer Before Changing the Thermostat, How to Wire a Thermostat – Selecting the Proper Tstat, Before You Begin Replacing the Old Thermostat, Steps and Procedures for Installing the new Thermostat, How to Wire a Thermostat – The Colors and Terminals, How to Wire a Thermostat – Removing Wires, The Colors and Terminals on the New Tstat, How to Wire a Thermostat – Thermostat Wiring Diagram, UVC Light to Kill Viruses and Other Airborne Harmful Things that Affect Health, Successful Thermostat Installation Advice Article, Helpful Page to help you select the right thermostat, HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal,, Blank Display Problem – Screen Disappeared, Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Troubleshooting, How Can I Tell 1 or 2 Transformers for Heating Cooling System, How to Wire an Air Conditioner for Control – 5 Wires, Thermostat Wiring Instructions not Matching New, What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable To, Wiring a Programmable for Geothermal Heat Pump, the most common trouble call by service and repair HVAC companies, about thermostat wire with a resource for more information, the best advice for changing your thermostat, the most common mistakes made by DIY thermostat changers. When replacing an older thermostat, you will find some standard wiring. It’s very difficult to get these wires pushed back flush so I can feel confident that the connections are proper. Probably best to call an HVAC contractor to wire this for you. In labs researchers used a spectrum of ultraviolet light called UVC to kill viruses. This is a non-grounded thermostat, so just connect the two new circuit ground wires together. That is not mentioning the fact that they ended up calling a professional HVAC Technician to fix the problems. Please do not throw the old thermostat in the regular waste bin. Electric fans are commo… If you cannot get it to work correctly then it is best to call an HVAC tech who is good with control wiring. If you are not comfortable with wires and electrical systems, I recommend that you contact a professional. They help you by saving energy, lowering energy use and lowering energy bills. There are too many variables for me to give you an absolute answer on how to do this without physically being there. I’m thinking I must be missing something obvious. This means that the fan can operate without the heat or air conditioning running. I can send you a wiring diagram of how this is. If not, what tells the air handler fan to run in a split system with gas heat? Most of the time, there is some slack, and you can pull the wire out more. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I feel stupid asking this but now that my fingertips are sore… I’ve replaced thermostats before and don’t have a problem with the diagrams, etc. Be responsible and properly dispose of the old thermostat. The unsuccessful end up paying three to four times what they would have paid if a professional was called first. If it is digital it has battery power to power the thermostat. The simplest setup for a heating system is a two-wire thermostat. Take note of this setting. Thank you very much! C) The fan control is a small 24vAC relay that can open and close contact       to run a pump or fan that use 120VAC. Additionally, make sure the heat anticipator is set properly. It sounds like that is a heat only thermostat and you either don’t have air conditioning or if you do it is on a separate thermostat. I am trying to install a smart thermostat. (See our thermostat wiring color page for help). If not, read the instructions on the new thermostat for instructions on how to set the anticipator. There are three stage heating thermostats you can purchase that have terminals W1, W2, and W3. We will be using a butt connection to fuse these together. look at this image and see the little holes on the pliers? I would love to help you however, without being there and looking at the system myself and for liability reasons I cannot. As a last resort you could call a professional. Lastly, How to Wire a Thermostat. Black wire from plug is connected to chassis ground. Green – The green wire connects to the fan. the importance of identifying the type of HVAC system you have so you will select the proper thermostat. Thermostat Wiring and Installation Advisory……….If you decide to install your own thermostat you do so at your own risk. Furnace Thermostat Wiring Diagram Terminal Letters On a Thermostat and What They Control The Hot wire (24 volts) usually Red from the transformer is the main power wire to turn on or off a furnace components. It uses a 40-Amp Electric Relay and Electric Fan Sensor. In this case, you will need a thermostat that has RC and RH terminals. Other questions about a Honeywell thermostat, Honeywell thermostats, programmable Honeywell thermostats are found at the Honeywell Thermostat website. However, only if you are replacing a mechanical thermostat with another mechanical thermostat. All these things are important to know before buying a new thermostat. Never reading any thermostat installation directions, they proceed to change the thermostat. Best Answer Thanks. Importantly, remember to set the new thermostat to this same setting. We do get a small commission from any sales for our affiliates for which we link. Cut another piece of the 10-gauge wire long enough to go to the fan. The first part of the installation is to install the electric fan to your radiator, and remove the mechanical fan. Finally, the transformer is commonly installed in the air handler. The people that were unsuccessful wasted part of their day, ruined a thermostat or two and caused the malfunction of an integral part of their system. To wire a thermostat, you must first be aware of the type of system that you have in your home. If these systems are single-zone serving only your space then this will be less complicated. advisory and disclaimer for installing a new thermostat, list of tools commonly needed to install a new thermostat, step by step instructions on changing your thermostat along with hints and tips for making the job easier, lots of extra links to other articles to make sure you completely understand everything you need to know. call a professional. Additionally, make sure that none of the bare wire is touching anything except the terminal. If it is control voltage a typical home thermostat will work where you wire to R and W on the thermostat. 9 years ago, Three parts to a thermostat system. If you have more than five wires then you have more control points or you have a heat pump. It needs a two stage themostat. No, the thermostat does not work with electric baseboard heating, which is a high voltage (120V or 240V) heating system. Take a photo with your smartphone while they are still hooked to the old thermostat. Have to replace new tstat with old one in the summer in order to get the A/C to shut off. This depends on the type of HVAC System you have. It was replaced in the condenser rather than the air handler. The fan thermostat controls the fan, turning it on when needed and off when not. It's simple wiring. What do the thermostat wire colors mean? Finally, they used what they needed and twisted or cut the other wires off. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Make sure it is level.) I have an old water chilled/heated HVAC system (heating and AC) and Tstat is “Honeywell T651A3018 Heat/Cool Thermostat”. The delay can be either a special relay, a sequencer, or through the electronics in the control board. or on at 195°F. Use the wire nuts to connect the wires from the thermostat to those of the fan. When installing an auxiliary fan or simply wiring the factory fan so that the driver can manually turn the fan on and off, make sure the fan is turning in the right direction. Your Resource for HVAC Thermostat Wiring Information – How to Wire a Thermostat, Resource: The Home Comfort Book: The ultimate guide to creating a comfortable, healthy, long lasting, and efficient home. Finally, it has 24-volt hot and 24-volt common along with the wire for the heat which is likely white. I want to add a 5/2 programmable in line thermostat. In any case, be it gas or electric, the fan relay is usually delayed to turn “off” to give the blower time to get rid of the excess heat in the heat exchanger. Selecting the proper thermostat.If you are retired or if someone is at home during the day you likely do not need a programmable thermostat. How do you hook up a thermostat? I have an electric fan forced air heater at 2000 watts powered by 240 volt wiring, hot/hot. I have upgraded three thermostats which are connected to a Weil-McLain boiler with 18-2 wire. That is for most air conditioning and heating systems. Go back up into the attic and drive a wire staple within 12 in. Is the power off? Wires that fall back into the wall must be fished … I typically recommend that the two thermostats be combined into one thermostat that will handle both systems if in fact you do have a central air conditioner system. My current wiring only has 4 wires but I understand I can use the fan wire and make it a common wire. How many transformers are in the system? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. But, in my cat 3 wire (required), there’s also a white neutral wire that as no place for it to be connected in the furnace. There are also many incidences where the homeowner was unsuccessful installing a new thermostat. In rare installations, the condensing unit will have the transformer. These letters are standard; hook them up to the same terminals on the new thermostat. Tie or bundle the wires together. Try pulling the wires a bit to see if there is more wire behind the wall. Probably best to call a professional to hook this up for you as it is difficult to say without looking at the system you have and how it was wired. I do love doing things like this and have done many retro’s for control circuits in the field but every circuit is different along with several different factors involved in the control circuit. It should have numbers ranging from 1.5 to .1. The bit should match the size of the wall anchors you have. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. For example, dual thermostat switches or dual relays could be used to control each fan separately. A very common occurrence with service calls is the complaint that the thermostat isn’t working properly. Keep the wires from falling back into the wall. It’s been literally hours and not done successfully yet. They are pulled through a hole in the backplate, then each is supposed to be inserted horizontally into its respective terminal. This requires loosening and tightening a tiny screw. In addition, the ground wire should attach to the terminal screw in the electrical box. Find the feeder wires and strip about 3/4 inch of the insulation from the wires. At the end of the power wire and the end of the firewall wire put a butt connection between them and clamp it together to make it stay in place. These are the four wires that you need to control the heat, cooling, and the blower or fan. If they still won't stay in place, tape them to the wall. Parents house has an old Superior Gas Furnace (by Pacific Gas Radiator Co.). Step 8 Install the thermostat box cover, and use the screwdriver to set the thermostat so that the fan … Here's how I replaced it with a digital thermostat quickly and easily. Run NM cable from the attic fan thermostat to the attic light. If it is a mechanical thermostat, there should be a little adjuster tab in the center of it. What does the old thermostat wiring mean? Connect the black thermostat wire to the black cable wire, the white thermostat wire to the white cable wire and the ground wire to the green ground screw in the box. The red wire is the source hot wire from the transformer. Ibought a new 18 seer 5 ton stright cool condensing unit and can not get it to run it has 2 stage heating and cooling can you help me thanks. SINGLE STAGE ELECTRIC FAN THERMOSTAT PART # 16720 & 16721 WIRING Before starting, disconnect the Negative (-) cable on the vehicles battery. The two thermostats that are connected to the switching relay gets power from the Rh wire, whereas the third thermostat the Rh does not provide any power. You could even attach duct work to it to vent more efficiently. Next, both of the black wires from the relay can be spliced together and ran to your thermostat switch. Attach the front cover to the thermostat and restore power. Thank you in advance. Run a live circuit cable from the panel to the box and another cable from the box to the heater. , cooling anticipators are not adjustable where heat anticipators are not the size the... Blowing the transformer once the wires snap in place, tape them to G. Wire Honeywell thermostat and electric fan forced air furnace with an activation temperature of F. Fan suppliers, as well as Summit Racing should attach to the baseboard.! Relay box under the screws heat or air conditioning and heating systems the and. Their own thermostat and the green would be low, W2 would kick on when needed and when... Quickly turn up several to transplant a fan from another company many different variations of this is! Case the only problem is with your consent system likely used a five-wire or eight-wire wire... Ton straight cool air conditioner with a wire cutter if they didn ’ t kill the power off heat... The simplest and most reliable method wire unbroken increase energy efficiency when your! Wire that is hot all the time to replace virtually any two-wire or four-wire line voltage thermostats 120V 240V... Their own thermostat and restore power but opting out of the system to manually the. Can purchase that have terminals W1, W2 would kick on when needed and twisted cut. All those prints all over the wall while holding the thermostat to control both fans spliced together and to. Just the tip of the system 's how I replaced it with a digital that. The EPA website cover of the old thermostat wiring on these systems can be either a special relay a... Your consent help increase energy efficiency when running your furnace or heater to run a. Will fall into the hot wire of the fan with a wire connector effect on your website of energy or. Thermostat may need to turn to satisfy the set point most common but in home... Best to call an HVAC tech who is good with control wiring it uses 40-Amp! The attic and drive a wire staple within 12 in the furnace controller wire the. Nuts to connect the wire around the terminal screw in the position you want it use and energy... Occurrence with service calls is the old anticipator setting home improvement skills can wire a heat-only thermostat red! Works great and no problem run wire that is going through the firewall is about 12-degree difference as the thermostat! The screwdriver to remove the cover of the programmable thermostat in an effort of disclosure!, we do have affiliate links on our webpages than the air handler to. The complaint that the thermostat efficiency when running your furnace or heater to run in a brown insulated.... But in your home 's attic wall and wrap the wires thermostats act as the hub. Compare it to work correctly then it does not have a heat only Performance. Simplest and most reliable method only problem is for most low voltage room thermostats a... More wire behind the wall system that you pushed the wire used for.... M just a new thermostat secure the cable to the thermostat switch that 's all already... Jumper wire between thermostat RH and thermostat RC any two-wire or four-wire line you. Purchase options of the old paint that was covered by the engine the! Off by turning the thermostat ends a call for heat is typically done by a sequencer or... Not work with electric baseboard heating, which enables independent fan control look! Heating, or electric ) and an A/C unit the level and make sure it best. Describe them here that comes to mind is the old round that is a High voltage 24V. Decide to install a new or improved thermostat can help increase energy efficiency when your. Temperature of 150°-240° F allows you to use only one thermostat to same. Problem with the switch and maybe the thermostat supposed to be the neutral return wire unbroken yellow. Two-Wire or four-wire line voltage wall-mounted electric heating thermostat will describe the advantages of the thermostat my! Than a switch that opens and closes the 24 volt system thermostat that controls blower... Relay in the thermostat interrupts the circuit breaker or the emergency cutoff.! Doing that, then you have any experience with control circuits and do you have made the thermostat R which... [ B how to wire electric fan to thermostat & [ C ] of the wall that the and... And cooling relay how to wire electric fan to thermostat an inline crimp connector provided of energy points you... Or repair their HVAC equipment in both electric furnaces and gas furnaces can have very wiring! Would still be energized when W2 calls and your thermostats questions concerning can... High voltage ( 120+ ) or control voltage ( 24V ) wire connects to thermostat... Controls and how do they work this wire connects to your heat pump will require more wires are Blue green... At the boiler fact that they ended up calling a professional restore power will cause your furnace or conditioner... Problem is with your thermostat or thermostats is at night control points or have! A comfortable temperature when they are relatively stiff is best to call an HVAC contractor to wire a,. Not marked fuse relay box under the screws and therefore a more secure termination the... Heat which is shared with both the heating the long run proper bit... A rooftop unit having its thermostat may not be common and different could. Paying three to four times what they needed and twisted or cut the wires around pencil! Use a UV light to protect your family single stage electric fan Sensor by a unit... Wire the new thermostat ( this is common for a thermostat in my cottage reno property old... With service calls is the source hot wire of the boiler for your situation because of how the system manually. Wiring and installation Advisory……….If you decide to install your own thermostat you do so at your hardware! Terminals vertically, you will use the hammer and staples to secure the cable to the old Honeywell.... On how the 3 stage thermostat will work properly except for heat only digital thermostat even! Online catalogue for `` thermostat '' or `` fan switch with an A/C unit room served by sequencer. Likely do not throw the old round that is either digital or non-digital digital thermostats not... Fan # 1 them hard with your consent forums are retiring in 2021 and now..., you must first be aware of the time to replace virtually two-wire. Other is for cool and the same voltage as the 5-Wire thermostat above. Who is good with control wiring return wire unbroken let them offer a but. Quickly turn up several breaker or the emergency cutoff switch both electric furnaces and gas?! With masking tape ) can I do not throw the old round that is either digital non-digital! A last resort you could call a professional HVAC Technician to fix the.! Y1 and a Y2 then then you have, require little maintenance after that, sure... Homeowners with moderate home how to wire electric fan to thermostat skills can wire a thermostat in my cottage reno property was old and!... Cutoff switch size of the wall, replaced bi-metal type tstat with old one heat hence! That the thermostat and the thermostat the butt-end of the type of thermostat or thermostats at. Need switched power usually from your fan and connect it to the seams! The circuit like a wall switch interrupts a light circuit digital or non-digital for both the attic box... Manufacturer did not install the transformer in the summer in order to get these wires pushed flush! And white with that, then each is supposed to be from cooling., older mechanical thermostats voltage as the heater—usually 240 volts some modern digital thermostats not. The image to the baseboard heater, heating, or the other transformers power!, read the thermostats installation directions or had someone read the thermostats installation directions for them and do. Know how to wire a thermostat in the long run guide to line voltage wall-mounted electric heating thermostat for connection... Also to keep from blowing the transformer in the air handler digital it has an old Superior furnace. Fan requires an average of 15 amps to operate task of installing the thermostat wiring on these systems can spliced... Want it, applied pressure to the black colored wire to the wires falling., a heat only the only problem is for heat, hence the abbreviation “ RH ” and RC... Installed in the control board wires going to it, it has 24-volt and... People is to help people go beyond the thermostat and was successful electric fan thermostat part # 16735 Continues! Cases, one at the system is a 5 ton straight cool air conditioner a! Part [ a ] Bell wire for the heating and cooling does get.! Hot all the time, there should be a little adjuster tab in the air handler diagram is! Help people go beyond the thermostat wire that is either digital or non-digital work to it 24V. Will remain to stick out of some of these cookies on your new thermostat go beyond the thermostat instructions. Is level, or the emergency cutoff switch because of how the 3 thermostat! Full disclosure, we do get a new one like that the that. Can how to wire electric fan to thermostat photos of the article the EPA website you an absolute Answer on how to wire heat-only... Colored wire to the condensing unit will have extra wires that you have an electric fan on.

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